Tony Habre Features in Lebanon Opportunities Magazine
Beirut, Lebanon|February 2014
Along with other Lebanese entrepreneurs, Tony Habre is featured under the Hospitality section

Tony Habre, along with other Lebanese entrepreneurs, discusses his start in Lebanon's hospitality and entertainment industry. Being a calculated yet innovative risk-taker will yield results in the hospitality business:

Think music, loud, laser, extravaganza, or think of ‘White’. Tony Habre, CEO of Add Mind,is an entrepreneur who takes risks, createsnew concepts, ventures into unlikely locations,a trend setter. White, his biggest venture yet,was large as a club, in terms of its concept,size, formula, and investment. “I created theclub the way I figured what partying in a newdimension would look like.” The open-air clubwas launched in 2006, despite the July war.It cost more than $1.3 million. It was elitist interms of music style, quality of drinks, minimum charge, and categoryof clients. This earned it an international recognition, and became thecountry’s nightlife ambassador to Dubai. Add Mind’s portfolio includesnow other successful concepts, including Iris, Mad, and Iris BeachClub, among others. “Our ventures grew non-stop, despite the toughmarket conditions. We are aggressive risk takers,” he said. After eightyears, White is still a landmark, despite many newer open-air venues.Habre has more innovative concepts in the pipeline locally and abroad:“Innovation is a must in this business,” he said.

Tony Habre talks White Dubai with Sans Retouches
Dubai |December 2, 2013
Tony shares White Dubai's nightlife plans

Tony Habre sat with Sans Retouches, a fashion & lifestyle website and blog, to share his next highly-anticipated project: White Dubai. (Read more here)

Tony Habre's Interview with The Media Network
Dubai |December 1, 2013
Tony met with The Media Network's team to discuss the launch of Iris Dubai

As Dubai’s latest hotspot prepares to launch, The Media Network caught up with Add-mind Group’s CEO and founder Tony Habre (Read more here)

Tony Habre's Interview with The Business Year
Beirut, Lebanon|October 2013
The Business Year talks to Tony Habre, CEO of Addmind, on creating the right entertainment venues in Lebanon and abroad.

The Business Year is a leading provider of business information and a publisher of annual trade and investment resources. In their October issue, they sat down with our own Tony Habre for an exclusive interview regarding Lebanon's tourism and entertainment industry as well as the importance of Lebanese expatriates.

Noun Magazine Interview with Suzy Habre Nasr
Beirut, Lebanon|October 2013
The interior architect's signature spaces take center stage

In Noun's October 2013 issue, interior architect Suzy Habr Nasr's signature spaces, as well as her creative & energetic charm, took center stage:

Taste and Flavors
Beirut|Sep 11, 2013
Addmind's founder and CEO gets interviewed by Hopitality and Flavors magazine.

Tony Habre, founder and CEO of Add Mind, which includes White, Iris, Mad and Iris Beach Club in its portfolio amongst others, is a homegrown success story with heart

Very determined and highly motivated, Tony Habre, takes his job seriously but sees things in perspective and believes in teamwork and innovative ideas. An optimist rather than a pessimist – he’s also a realist and copes well when the going gets tough. Tony’s very good at finding solutions to problems. Above all, he is a positive and enthusiastic person – and relishes a full article